Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final Countdown...

'It's the Final Count Down!'  You're meant to read that with an '80's hairband scream.  Did 'Europe' even write any other songs?  Well I guess they've served my purposes for this intro anyway.  It is the Final Countdown.  Only days until I leave on an extended hiatus from my life in Colorado, to explore unknown lands and cultures.  Unknown to me at least.  And some known too, that I'm eager to revisit.

My vaccinations are complete.  And what a stew they shot into me.  First round was Yellow Fever, Influenza (they couldn't spare me any H1N1 though), Tetanus (Tdap), Hepatitis A/B (these babies aren't cheap, either.  Hepatitis requires three visits at $60 a crack) oh yeah...

And I've been intentionally ingesting deadly Typhoid as well.  I'm not supposed to eat before I take this Live Ty21a so that it can get all the way to my small intestine before the capsule melts and it instead ends up in my stomach causing only god knows what to happen there!

So after making swiss cheese out of both of my arms and willingly eating Typhoid, I feel like I'm somewhat prepared to exit the wholly sanitary confines of the United States.

"Aren't you supposed to be out of our country by now?" asked my roommate Matt.  Everyone close to me is ready for me to get the heck out of town.  For weeks, even months, all they have been hearing me talk about is my motorcycle trip.  Now in the mad rush to pull it all together it is omnipresent.  They are tired of hearing about the 'Big Gay Motorcycle Trip,' as we have come to refer to it.  See there is so much planning and plotting and scheming to do, I couldn't keep it all to myself.  I mean, that wouldn't be fair, to do all this planning without asking everyone I know what they think too...  what?  Who would do that?

But soon enough.  Only days really.  I'll be out of here and they'll wish I was still here making a mess of the place.

For now, I'm going to make an even bigger mess in the garage.  Full Oil change, coolant change and some upgrade parts; a Evoluzione Billet Aluminum Clutch Slave (cuz nobody likes hanging out with an unworking clutch), guts for my rear brake master cylinder, remove a set of links on the chain, final bleed of the brakes, a quick spring preload adjustment on the front suspension, install new PIAA High Output headlight, a new air filter and aftermarket prefilter and I have to replace an o-ring at the gear indicator switch. The big KTM 950 Adventure is about to get torn down in the garage one last time.

Stay tuned for more...
Next up:  The Plan

Loose as it is there is actually an underlying current moving through this project.

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