Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Hardest Part is Coming Down... *Official Last Post of the Lucky 7's Expedition*

"He who goes up must come down..." is the thought coursing through my brain. 

 Chad made it, bailed me out of being penniless.  But of course in my desire to make things harder than need be, I waited for the last minute to go through security.  I forgot about all the immigration stuff we needed to do, how long the lines would be for the airport tax, security and everything else.  Long story very short, we cut the lines in security, ran the whole way to the gate and were the last ones down the jetway.  We sat down on the plane sweating, each of us secretly wishing we'd missed the plane and had been forced to stay in the wonderful country of Peru.

It is never very hard to return to Colorado.  When we landed it was a beautiful day in Denver, so we headed to Boulder, had some tasty sushi on Pearl St. mall and watched America unfurl its Labor Day splendor.  

Today, however, different story.  I went back to that great enterprise known as work.  O.k. in and of itself as I am eager and excited to start my new project.  Unfortunately as I walked the site I realized I easily could have stayed in South America for close to another month.  The place looks the same as when I left.  This disappointment has me in a rather funky funk.

But since I don't really dig that bluesy state of mind, I'm going to get out on my mountainbike and spin some energy out and enjoy the gorgeous Colorado sunny evening.

Please stay tuned.  Even though I'm back in the States, I've got lots of gaps to fill in from my trip.  Plus lots of pics to upload and share with you all.  So for now... coming down... but only a little bit.

Live Love,


Burky said...

Hey G,
Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! I can't wait to see pictures!

Conor Burk

Unknown said...

Snow fllies soons...are you pinnin soon.

-g. said...

yeah hoping to start the season at Wolf Creek Pass the second weekend in November. hoping the snow keeps up. where are you?