Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monte Albán Ruins, Oaxaca, Mexico...

Monte Alban

Words by Sarah Vee

Photos by Justin Kleiter

Friday, December 4, 2009

I will always remember the trees but not for the hue of the leaves or the delicate white flowers that flutter like silk in the strange tangible breeze. Instead I will remember them for the centuries I felt but never lived. For the company of strangers that I seem to know so well. I see myself still. Sitting upon a majestic staircase of stone. I wondered why I deserved to traverse this Holy Mountain. I wondered as my friend and I pondered the potential journey and destination of life- of being human. I and him sit together and in solitude. Wandering the ruins and picking up wisdom from the ancient steam. Watching the light as it changes through the passing clouds. Hours pass like seconds. Time is burnt into my skin. I live for these moments. My heart is always racing. For a moment I felt lost, but I have no destination.

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