Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Adventure Begins...

So I´m finally here in Peru. The last couple weeks have been totally crazy getting packed up. I had to move everything from my job. I needed to pack my entire condo into a 5x5 storage unit. And I needed to pack for this trip. 5 weeks of loosely planned travelling in South America. So I´m here! My first two nights were spent in Lima in a neighborhood called Barranco. It is nice little place that is much less touristy than nearby Miraflores. I liked it mostly because of the fellow travellers that I immediately met. One of which, I´m travelling with now. Jonathan is from Israel and was headed the same direction, so we travelled together by bus to Huaraz, where I am currently. The mountains around Huaraz are huge and beautiful and glaciated. This is just an incredible sight to see. The peaks are between 18 and 20 thousand feet above sea level. Just fascinating. Hopefully I´ll figure out how to get pictures up soon. For now, I must get away from the computer and get outside!

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