Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Adventure Deepens in the Peruvian Andes...

So Chad Wilkison has joined the Lucky7´s Expedition and we are currently ripping up the wilds of Peru on motorcycles. It has been an event filled couple of days and we are preparing to head deeper into Peru towards the high jungle near Quillabamba. It is our goal to reach the pueblo of Huancancalle, to see some very incredible Incan ruins. It will be a seven hour motorcycle ride to reach the area. We have decided to cash in the trip to Machu Picchu because of the hordes of tourists there in August. This makes three times to the Cuzco area without making it to Machu. It is becoming rather revolutionary for me to shun one of the Seven Wonders of the World in exchange for tranquility and solitude in ruins that are much less visited.

The remainder of my trip in Chile was incredible. I will write about my adventure on the carreterra austral after returning to Colorado. I will also need to recap Peru, Second Take as well. The internet service here is not as good as it has been and we are heading further from civilization. Thanks for following along with my blog. I will add photos and more posts upon my return to the world of technology.

Ciao de Ollantaytambo, Peru,

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