Thursday, August 2, 2007

High Mountain Exploration

It is early morning here in Huaraz. We are preparing for a little trip up into the mountains just a little south and east of town. Many travelers that come to this area of Peru are here for the mountains. There are climbers everywhere since this is the high season. Jonathan and I have opted to make our own trek instead of following the crowds to the popular destinations. We are preparing for a little hike to a mountain lake named Lago Rajucolta. It is located just below the peak Nevado Huantsan. Should be a pretty mellow hike in depending on how far the taxi can get us up the valley. Once there we plan to set camp and then hike to some smaller tarns up in the high valley. The mountain is glaciated and could have ice all the way down to the lake. I´m excited to photograph the alpenglow this evening. With the moon still at 3/4, there should be some nice night opportunities too. I´m hoping to be able to post some pictures soon but have yet to figure that part out. O.k. gotta get to breakfast and head out for this adventure.

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