Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Last Temptation of G.

I´m sitting in the bar at Valle Nevado ski area a couple hours into the mountains outside of Santiago, Chile. Today is a powder day. There is over a foot of light dry Andean fresh sliding off the rooftops of the couple of hotels that exist up here. I´m absolutely losing my mind. I wrote Doc Kelly, my orthopedic surgeon, a couple of days ago asking permission to ski. I could almost hear her laughing from way down here. Of course she said NO! Very nicely she told me that I should wait for the Colorado ski season. A couple more months of strength training and more time for my bone mass to increase. But I can´t tell you how my heart aches to rip the pow again. Chile is having a stellar season. Tons of snow. And with today´s dump, it looks especially good out there.

I had a decent time exploring Santiago´s main plaza last night. I ended up hanging out with a guy from New York, that I met at my hostel. Pretty low key evening, which I really needed. I got to get my feet wet with the Chilean subway system. I´m starting to get the hang of the whole Subte thing. It is a really fast and inexpensive way to access the city.

If Argentina is all about tasty steaks, this place is all about seafood. I´ve been devouring awesome seafood. I splurged yesterday for lunch and ate at the four star hotel´s restaurant. There was guy playing piano and I had three waiters waiting on me. I dropped 35 bucks on a meal that would have easily cost a hundred in the states.

So like I said I´m up in the mountains. I met up with my friends from Cali that I met in Buenos Aires, Brendan and Zach. They snuck me in the hotel so I could just crash here with them on the futon in their room, which is really awesome of them. The hotels aren´t Vail expensive up here but they are expensive enough that I probably wouldn´t be here without the hookup. Thanks guys.

The drive up here was hairy due to the storm. Basically it is about a one and a half lane road that switchbacks up the mountainside. No mag chloride, no sand. Just sketchy. But it is great to be up here and out of the rain of Santiago. I´m going to go get a nap and get ready to party aprés ski stylie in the Chilean Andes. Much love to you all.



BAMA said...

Dude let us know if oyu are Ok...?

Looks like you may still be in the mountains of CHile... lucky.

-g. said...

Luckier if I could ski... but yeah it is pretty here. it´ll be great to see you when i get home.