Sunday, August 5, 2007

Green Snot and Falling Bridges

Yeah I´ve been fighting off this cold since returning from the lake. I feel like I´m getting better but I´m still tired and cold often and the snotbox is in full effect. Anyone who has been around me when I get a head cold understands the term ¨snotbox¨. Ryan Johnson came up with the name to describe the copious amounts of green goo that my system creates. Enough with that though... What about this crazy front page news of I-35´s bridge collapsing in Minneapolis? I hope that no one had any friends or relatives involved. It is so strange to see our little city plastered on every website. Thank the gods that so few people have turned up in a bad way.

Today I´m heading to another town just north of Huaraz called Carhuaz. Rumor has it that they have a great market on Sundays. So I´m headed up to see what is going on there and spend a night at a hostel there. Carhuaz is situated just to the west of Huascaran, the biggest peak in all of Peru. Hope all is well.
Ciao, -g.


Amy J said...

very cool justin. i can't tell you how incredibly excited i am for you (and at the same time very selfishly jealous!) I look foward to hearing about the places you are in, and then i even get more details from my peruvian friend here. she told me that the ancash region is where "touching the void" took place. what an amazingly beautiful place (by picture). be good to your body, and i can't wait to hear more! mucho amore! (spelling? :)

:) ames

tl said...

Hi there G,
Your writing is awesome. It is very good of you to share with everyone so we can all get a little touch of exciting. That bridge thing though... I work in Mpls and drove over it everyday. I missed the breaking of it by a half hour. Scary stuff. Getting into the city is quite the adventure in itself now. It's absolutely wild to see the bridge in the water. People are still under there, in the murky watery vasts.

I think of you often!

-g. said...

Hey Amy... Your twin waited on me in a restaurant in Palermo Soho today. Same attitude and same personality, even looked like you. Guess we're even now.

And Teal. Great to see you here. I thought you were in Seattle?
What are you up to now?

O.k. ladies. Ciao, -g.